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Connor At Taste

Have you met Connor? Get to know our lovely manager

    You may have noticed we have a new familiar face behind the counter at Taste. That would be our lovely new general manager – Connor! Connor makes a cracking coffee and has a passion for friendly service with a smile. He’s just moved to Leeds and is enjoying getting to know the team and all our customers. We caught up with Connor to ask him a couple of questions about how he’s settling in:   Tell us something […]

Healthy Living Blog

Fallen off the healthy eating wagon? Try this one simple change instead

Many of us start the year hoping to eat healthier only to revert back to our old ways after a couple of weeks (or days…). Despite our best intentions, life has a habit of getting in the way and maintaining a restrictive diet is time consuming, costly and, well, extremely boring! But do not despair! There are simpler ways of eating well that don’t involve restriction, abstinence and cold, hard longing. One easy change is to cut unnecessary sugars, salts […]

Have you met Lizzie? Get to know our chef

You may have noticed that we’ve been serving up a variety of new specials, hot food and soups lately. Served every day to eat in or takeaway, we now have regularly changing meat and vegetarian taste pots that are sure to fill you up and leave you warm inside, particularly as we move into the colder months. Well, this is all thanks to our wonderful new chef, Lizzie. And whilst she might be happy to go unrecognised and hide away […]

Fresh Food Blog

What we mean when we say ‘made fresh each day’

You may have noticed a phrase we’re fond of using is ‘made fresh each day’ and we can assure you that it’s more than just a sound bite. So, what exactly do we mean? Well, for a start, all of our ingredients arrive fresh (nothing is frozen) and are then prepared in house. Our bread is delivered by our bakers fresh each morning and we make and sell our sandwiches the same day only. The salad and vegetables we use […]