Have you met Lizzie? Get to know our chef

You may have noticed that we’ve been serving up a variety of new specials, hot food and soups lately. Served every day to eat in or takeaway, we now have regularly changing meat and vegetarian taste pots that are sure to fill you up and leave you warm inside, particularly as we move into the colder months. Well, this is all thanks to our wonderful new chef, Lizzie.

And whilst she might be happy to go unrecognised and hide away in the kitchen, we thought it would be nice for you to get to know her a little bit and find out what makes her tick – and of course, what she’s looking forward to making for the residents of Holbeck Urban Village!

So, last week we spoke to Lizzie and asked her some burning questions:


How long have you worked with food?

10 years! I started working on a bar and one night they were short-staffed in the kitchen and I was drafted in to help out – and I’ve been doing it ever since! I’m obsessed with food so it really is the perfect job.


What would you say is the most important thing when making good food?

Having a good sense of flavours and what works well together, creativity and trusting your instincts. A good balance of risk-taking and being consistent. Oh, and don’t mess with classics!


What attracted you to TASTE and what are you most excited about to be a part of it?

I love simple food done well and I’m a huge advocate of using local suppliers where possible and I hate frozen food. So you could say it was the perfect marriage!


What is your favourite dish to make and why?

I make a mean Vietnamese pork curry (you might’ve tried it; it was on the menu last week) and I’ve recently become obsessed with Chinese food so at the moment I’d have to say my shanghai style pork belly – it’s a game changer!


What do you order in a restaurant? And where’s your favourite place to go in Leeds?

I tend not to order anything that I could make at home so I’d not order a steak or a burger, so I’d usually go for something a little exotic or obscure – something like lobster perhaps. In terms of places, I love what they’re doing with the swine that dines at the greedy pig, the nose to tail tapas in particular. Oh, and The Reliance of course – they need to sort out a loyalty card asap!



What do you like most about Holbeck Urban Village?

I love the history of the area, the industrial aesthetic and how the old buildings are being reused and not just turned into apartments. There’s some great places to eat and drink and there seems to be a real sense of community which is great.



What are you looking forward to making for our customers?

The breakfast offering is about to have a bit of a shakeup as from next week I’ll be making homemade smokey baked beans which will become part of a breakfast taste pot. And for those feeling a little bit more adventurous I’ll also be making shakshuka, which is my favourite!

I’m looking forward to making some good, hearty comfort food for the winter months too when all you want is a big bowl of something warm and delicious. We’ll also be introducing a new carribbean wrap to the menu next week, made with jerk chicken and mango chutney. It’s amazing!


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