Food Made Locally

Our Suppliers

Tarte & Berry

Tarte & Berry at Taste

Our delicious array of baked treats are lovingly made by Tarte & Berry Artisan Bakery, Leeds. We serve brownies, blondies and other great cakes - all available in bite size chunks for when you fancy a little bit of something sweet to go with your coffee.

Leeds Bread Coop

Leeds Bread Coop At Taste

We've teamed up with our friends at Leeds Bread Coop to bring you a choice of freshly baked artisan breads to accompany our delicious sandwiches and hot food. From sourdough to spelt, all their breads are baked with completely organic, locally sourced ingredients.

Sykes House Farm

Sykes House Farm at Taste

A family business currently in its third generation, there's not a lot about butchery this farm don't know. All our meat options feature their outdoor-reared meat and poultry, sourced locally from around Yorkshire and beyond for the best quality speciality cuts.

RK Harris

R K Harris & Sons at Taste

The fresh fruit and vegetables used to make your breakfast and lunch each day is sourced from local greengrocer R K Harris & Sons.

Maude Coffee

Maude Coffee at Taste

Our delicious coffee will be brought to you by local specialty roasters, Maude Coffee. Maude trace their coffee right back to the grower to ensure an ethical supply chain and their fresh beans are picked seasonally from different locations around the world.

Roasting only the most flavoursome, seasonal beans means better tasting coffee. And we'll be serving it fresh to order, just the way you like it, all day long.


Latitude Wine at Taste

We've tapped into Leeds wine merchant Latitude Wine's vast knowledge to bring you some select house wines. They've also kindly introduced us to Leeds Gin, which we'll be serving alongside out other Yorkshire gins as our one and only spirit of choice.

North Brewing Co

North Brewing Leeds at Taste

Since opening their brewery in 2015 North have gone from strength to strength winning lots of awards for their beers..all brewed right here in Leeds!