What we mean when we say ‘made fresh each day’

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You may have noticed a phrase we’re fond of using is ‘made fresh each day’ and we can assure you that it’s more than just a sound bite.

So, what exactly do we mean?

Well, for a start, all of our ingredients arrive fresh (nothing is frozen) and are then prepared in house.

Our bread is delivered by our bakers fresh each morning and we make and sell our sandwiches the same day only. The salad and vegetables we use are delivered daily, before being chopped, seasoned and cooked by ourselves, as is the free-range chicken used in our sandwiches, salads and wraps.


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This means nothing is ever sat around in fridges going stale, soggy or sad – we make it each morning and you eat it the very same day. It’s that simple.

We’ve spent a lot of time choosing good quality, fresh and natural ingredients, and the reality is that they taste their best on the day they’re prepared and don’t keep very well.

That’s why if you pop by later in the afternoon, you may occasionally notice that your first choice is gone and this is because nothing hangs around. It’s a small downside to serving great tasting, fresh food and it means that we keep waste to the absolute minimum!

Want to find out a bit more about the suppliers we work with? Check out our supplier profiles or just pop in and ask us!

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